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What is Nayuta Core?

Nayuta Core is an always-on Bitcoin and Lightning Network node solution on Android that lets you connect with other wallets and Lapps(Lightning applications) seamlessly. Nayuta Core takes a novel full node and SPV hybrid approach to improve SPV security and make it easy to get started with a Bitcoin full node.

Easy Setup

Easy and quick setup. No coding required.

Always working in the background

WIFI only mode to save on data. Block data notifications to stay closer to the Bitcoin network


Full node and SPV hybrid

Bitcoin full node and Neutrino SPV hybrid. Best balance between usability and security at the moment.

Wallet and lapp integration

Connect to external Bitcoin and Lightning wallets and lapps(currently supports Zeus & Zap wallet)


By running a Bitcoin full node, you can validate your own transactions without relying on trusted third parties. A full node also may provide some privacy benefits by not leaking your personal data to third parties. At the same time, you can help the Bitcoin network stay decentralized by running your own node.

Nayuta Core is a pruned Bitcoin node and SPV hybrid. Although it doesn't keep all historical block data, it still has necessary components and data to check latest blocks and transactions in a trustless manner. Due to current technical constraints, however, Nayuta Core's current approach does not offer quite the same level of security as the combination of full archival node and LND. Rather, it uses your own pruned Bitcoin node to check and enhance Neutrino SPV security. For more technical explanation about Nayuta Core’s architecture and future plan, please visit our github page.

Nayuta Core currently requires about 5GB of storage space to maintain a pruned Bitcoin node

This depends significantly on the specs of your device, the internet speed and stability. It takes around a few days to up to 3 weeks on regular Android devices with decent internet connection.

For the initial blockchain download, you would consume about 300GB. After the initial sync is complete, you need somewhere between 5 to 7GB monthly for downloading new blocks. As this is not a small amount of data, Nayuta Core by default pauses block syncing while it’s on mobile internet, but restarts as soon as you are back on WIFI at home or at the office. (You can disable this feature from the settings if you have unlimited mobile data plan and/or prefer to keep the node syncing at all time)

While you are waiting for full sync, you can use Nayuta Core in SPV mode and get started within a few minutes. Once the node is fully synced, you can continue to use the wallet with enhanced security.

Currently, Nayuta Core supports local connection to Zeus and Zap. In the future, we plan to support more wallets as well as lapps such as chatting or gaming apps in order to enhance the utility of Nayuta Core nodes.

Yes, in addition to local connection, Nayuta Core also supports remote connection with different devices. But this feature is still beta and the connection through Tor may be unstable.

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