Send and receive
instant Bitcoin
payments with
Nayuta Core

  • Bitcoin and Lightning Network
  • Non custodial
  • Lapps(Lightning apps) connection

What is Nayuta Core?

Bitcoin and Lightning Network

Supports regular Bitcoin payments and instant Lightning payments

Non custodial

You can keep your Bitcoins safe by yourself


Lapps (Lightning apps) connection

Connect to Lapps and receive Bitcoins instantly and automatically

Pop and modern design

Experience the new design

⚠ Warning ⚠

Nayuta Core is still in beta so we urge you to only use amounts that you would be willing to lose as loss of funds is still possible.


Tap "Restart LND" in the setting. If it still doesn't work, please contact us through "Support".

After sending some sats, your balance should…

  1. Have at least 1% amounts of capacity of a open channel
  2. Have at least 546 sats
  3. Have at least 573 sats if you have only a channel with Nayuta Hub

Write down your 24 words on a piece of paper. / Tap "Restore Wallet" which appears after installing Nayuta Core.

Lightning Network:
Backup your Lightning channels in the setting.

Please write down the 24 words and backup the channels before uninstalling. Otherwise, you will lose your Bitcoin balance.

Connect to the Lapps from the Naytua Core app. According to the current specification of Nayuta Core, you need to run it in the background.

We're still considering of it.

8.0 and up.
A minimum screen size is 720 x 1280. A recommended size is Pixel4's 1080 x 2280.

Get started with Nayuta Core today!

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