IoT × IoM


Nayuta’s project applying the IoT/IoM technologies.

Provide People-Flow Analysis System using BLE. The Graphical User Interface enables the overview of target’s trace in the space. Installing the sensor makes fixed-point observation in the space possible.
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Project IoM

As represented by Bitcoin, our product currently under development applying IoM technology enables to exchange values securely over the internet.

Next Project…

We are studying the better society combining with IoT and IoM technologies.

About Us

Nayuta’s two Core Technologies.
 IoT X IoM

IoT’s development expands the new phase of internet by connecting “things” in the world.

The IoM’s fundamental thought of “To be fair and create the individually independent society” gave us strong impact.

We actualize the idea to create better society combining with IoT and IoM technologies.

  • Analogue and Digital Technologies

    Integrate both real and virtual world combining with our two design technologies.

  • New System

    Educe the new possibility combining with IoM and IoT technologies.

  • Easy-understanding User Experience

    Provide the intuitive User Interface and visualization experience of accumulated data.


Over 10 years experiences with developing EDA software algorithm for advanced SoC and LSI. Develop the solution combining with Android and hardware since 2011.
Hiroshi UENO
Principal embedded software engineer
Over 15 years experiences with developing embedded software in various areas. Deep knowledge of NFC and BLE.
Public relation officer
Public relation officer
Hiroki GONDO
Senior protocol engineer
Chief Engineer. Over 10 years experiences with playing a key role for developing products that have the largest market share in the industry of protocol stack related DRM of digital broadcasting.
Brand Designer
Specialized in visual communication design and interaction design as well as art direction and identity brand design.