Developed Prototype Power Socket Enables to Control a Smart Property Applied Blockchain Technology.

Nayuta Inc., (Kenichi Kurimoto, CEO) has developed a prototype power socket which enables to control a smart property applied blockchain technology. The company develops technology combining with IoT and IoM.

The blockchain technology has high expectations for not only as a core algorithm of virtual currency but as securely value exchangeable algorithm through internet to apply IoT. This prototype was developed to use the Open Assets Protocol on the blockchain and also will prove the concept that enables to install the power socket with limited usage at semi-open spaces such as conference halls or common space of apartments.

The owner of a power socket is able to send a smart property token to the specified user of smartphone application. The token shows the applicable duration of time and date. BLE connection between the smartphone and the power socket enables the user with a smart property to activate the power socket conduction switch.

Also, it includes consumed power measurement as a hardware function and is developed to be able to change the charging power socket on consumption basis in the future.

It is possible to create the society with sufficient infrastructure by citizen’s participation-basis if they can install their power socket in the open space without any restrictions. Previously, there was a risk because no one knows who/how to use an outlet if installed in the open space. This product is expected to solve the problem and contribute the productive social infrastructure.

The blockchain technology has expectations for applying IoT or sharing economy. Also, it is expected to market the services including built-in substrate boards, smartphone applications and blockchain interfaces for the customer who plans to develop products in the same field.