The development of Nayuta Wallet is in suspension as of 20 Jul 2021.

Nayuta Wallet Fully Validating Node Guide

Nayuta wallet for android has the ability to run a fully validating node alongside the lightning wallet. This offers the ability to

a) Power the lightning wallet solely with bitcoind as its backend

b) Have bitcoind run ‘lazily’ in the background, syncing and verifying blocks accepted by the lite client currently used to power the lightning wallet.

How to use:

It is recommended that you have a powerful android device with at least 3gb of RAM

The wallet runs in pruned node so only around 5GB of free storage is required.

1.) Head to the settings tab and locate the ‘Fully validating node’ option

2.) Read and skip the intro slides to get to the main dashboard

3.) Press download, this will begin the process of downloading the bitcoind binary

4.) Once downloaded you should see “start core” press this and the wallet will start to download and sync the blockchain.

5.) This will take some time but from this point on the wallet will try and sync bitcoind in the background even when the app is closed.

By default this will let your OS decide when to start the process however you can restrict this by selecting the ‘set the bitcoin node to try and sync…’ option to ‘WHEN ON WIFI/CHARGING’ meaning the sync process will only be performed when your device is connected to wifi and charging, for example when you plug your phone in to charge at night while you are sleeping.

6.) Mainnet sync may take a long time to complete, especially on lower powered devices however you may use the lightning wallet normally with neutrino whilst the bitcoin node tries to sync over the course of several days, you can see the current sync status by heading to the fully validating node dashboard.

7.) When your wallet is syncing in the background you will also see this notification in your notifications area.

8.) It is possible to also download a pre synced utxo set via google drive or USB transfer. You can access this by heading to the settings option in the bitcoin node dashboard area and going to ‘download pre synced’ there are instructions on how to do this process but it involves compressing your block data folders, calculating a checksum and uploading them to google drive. More detailed instructions on this process can be found below.

Presynced UTXO set

Run bitcoin core following the instructions for your platform here

Navigate to your bitcoin directory folder, location found here

And edit ‘bitcoin.conf’ to add the line “prune=550”.

Once edited you may now perform initial block download, once this has completed in the same directory compress the “blocks” and “chainstate” directories into a single folder called “”. Run a sha256 checksum on this folder by using the following command in the terminal app $ shasum -a 1 /path/to/file

Make note of this checksum as it will be needed when verifying the download.

After you have performed the checksum on the zip folder, create a directory on your google drive called “NayutaWallet” then upload the “” folder into this directory.

Once uploaded press the ‘connect to google drive’ in the ‘download utxo’ dashboard to begin the process.

The wallet will download the folder, show a checksum which you must verify matches and they will proceed to unzip the contents of the folder, once completed you should be able to ‘start core’ from the previous bitcoin full node dashboard.