Ptarmigan mainnet release


What is Ptarmigan

Ptarmigan is software with Lightning Network (BOLT) specifications. It will be the fourth software in the world to go live on the mainnet.

The goal is to establish Lightning Network software with the ability to operate on small hardware in a long-run.

This is a “Reckless version”, which contains a bug; therefore, we expect users to spend only a small amount. We anticipate increasing stability over the course of development.


Small Footprint

Ptarmigan specializes in the node that operates on small hardware.



The software usually operates in synchronization with bitcoind. This version experimentally implements an SPV wallet mode, enabling it to operate on an independent node on small hardware, such as Raspberry Pi Zero.

Give it a try!Go to GitHub Page (of Nayuta)

About Nayuta

We develop products that utilize cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, that can securely exchange its value on the internet.

Our contribution to the development of Lightning Network to date includes:

  • Contribution to BOLTs (Lightning Network RFC:
  • Providing feedback to other implementations of Lightning Network before it begins operation on the mainnet.
  • Providing a protocol analyzer for Lightning Network.
  • Attending the Lightning Developer Summit held in Adelaide.
  • Offering presentations about the Lighting Network at community events in Japan and abroad.
  • Publishing articles on the Lightning Network for Japanese engineers.

For more information, please visit the official website of Nayuta.

Official Website


Currently under development, or development consideration, are LApps, LApps development software, Lightning Network Adoption for cryptocurrency exchange service, and token payment software for the Lightning Network.

If you are a business operator and interested in collaborating on any of these projects, please contact