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    The mainnet version of Ptarmigan, Lightning Network software, goes live.

    Press Release

    The developer group, centered on representatives from Nayuta Inc. (headquartered in Chuo-Ku, Fukuoka; CEO: Kenichi Kurimoto), releases the mainnet version of Ptarmigan, Lightning Network software. Ptarmigan is software developed with the Lightning Network (BOLT) specification, and is the fourth in the world to go live on the mainnet. The released software is a “reckless version,” which contains bugs; therefore, we expect users to spend only a small amount equivalent to an acceptable loss. We anticipate increasing stability over the course of further development.

    Lightning Network technology enables real-time payment and a large number of TPS by establishing another layer on Bitcoin. The idea was introduced to the public via a research paper published in 2015. It was launched onto the mainnet with contributions from various people.

    Nayuta’s contribution to the development of Lightning Network to date includes:

    • Contribution to BOLT ( Lightning Network RFC:
    • Providing continuous feedback to other implementations of Lightning Network before and after the launch onto the mainnet
    • Providing a protocol analyzer for Lightning Network
    • Attending the Lightning Developer Summit held in Adelaide
    • Providing presentations about the Lighting Network on community events in Japan and abroad
    • Publishing articles on the Lightning Network for Japanese engineers

    Our long-term goal is to make Ptarmigan the small-footprint Lightning Network Software that operates on small hardware. This mainnet version experimentally implements an SPV wallet mode with which it operates on an independent node on Raspberry Pi Zero.

    In releasing this reckless version, we have prepared the following options to invite users, reviewers and developers:

    1. To simplify deployment on Microsoft Azure, we have prepared a Ptarmigan image that is easily launched from the market place.
    2. We are offering 100 boards, for the cost of parts, to Ptarmigan users for use in connecting Arduino to Ptarmigan-installed RasPi Zero (Scheduled for shipment in early July).*
      *Users can enjoy simple electronics engineering with Lightning Network protocol. The board is available by application at the Nayuta Lightning shop.

    Moving forward, we anticipate specializing Ptarmigan to nodes that operate on small hardware and developing systems combining the software with other implementations.

    Currently under development or development of consideration, are LApps, LApps development software, Lightning Network Adoption for cryptocurrency exchange service, and token payment software for the Lightning Network. If you are a business operator and interested in collaborating on these projects, please contact


    Hitomi Moriyama