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Nayuta Core Non-custodial streaming payment on Lightning Network

Nayuta Core Nayuta Core

Nayuta Core is a non-custodial Bitcoin and Lightning Network node and wallet solution that lets you connect with other mobile Lightning applications and extend their functionalities.

The current main feature is non-custodial streaming payment on Lightning Network. You can connect Nayuta Core with games like SaruTobi easily by passing on macaroon permissions and automate receiving tipping rewards, making the game experience much more smooth and Lightning’s micropayment more practical.

To find out more about Nayuta Core

go to the Google Play

Ptarmigan Lightning Network Node software

Ptarmigan Ptarmigan

The node software following BOLT specifications of Lightning Network

Ptarmigan’s long-term plans include specialization in a node with the ability to operate on small hardware.
We are thrilled with the possibilities of improvements to future social structure with the use of embedded micro-payment features of Bitcoin/Tokens into an IoT.

Communication is possible with other node software in compliance with BOLT.

To find out more about Ptarmigan,

go to the introduction page

Lightning Shop Lightning Shop

Lightning Shop Lightning Shop

Get what you want now at a store that only accepts payments using the Lightning Network.

Lightning Network Second layer technology of Bitcoin

The difference in the data communication on Lightning Network between the first and the second layer of the Bitcoin

Combined with the second layer solution, blockchain technology is more suitable for practical use.

In the case of Bitcoin, Lightning Network enables real-time transactions in conjunction with small payments for Bitcoin users.
Lightning Network has the potential to process multiple transactions.

In the future, when devices are enabled to exchange money, data, rights, and other various items with other devices,
Lightning Network will play a critical role.

The main characteristics of Lightning Network

Lightning Network Lightning Network

Legacy Project

Legacy Project Legacy Project

The prototype development of a settlement system in the form of an electrical outlet for charging an electric vehicle

The Legacy Project comprises an electrical outlet with a Ptarmigan on-board. Real-time payment is made possible using the characteristics of Lightning Network. If administrators of public facilities install this electrical outlet at their parking spaces, users would be able to charge their electric vehicle for the amount paid. *This is not an available product but a prototype.