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Legacy Project

The Lightning Network Project

The prototype development of a settlement system in the form of an electrical outlet for charging an electric vehicle

The Legacy Project comprises an electrical outlet with a Ptarmigan on-board. Real-time payment is made possible using the characteristics of Lightning Network. If administrators of public facilities install this electrical outlet at their parking spaces, users would be able to charge their electric vehicle for the amount paid.
The electrical outlet is connected to the internet; upon receipt of payment confirmation, the user may begin charging his or her electric vehicle. The outlet will automatically control the amount of electricity corresponding to the user’s payment.*This is not an available product, but a prototype.

Other Projects

An electrical outlet with owner-manageable usage rights

An owner owns the usage rights to the electrical outlets and will lend the outlet to users by sending them the usage-rights token that permits usage for certain period such as “between MM/DD/YYYY to MM/DD/YYYY for XX hours.” Upon receiving the usage rights, a user can validate the conductivity switch of the power socket by using a smartphone to communicate with the electrical outlet via Wi-Fi or BLE network. Until now, setting an outlet in a public location involved the risk of inappropriate usage. With this outlet, owners can avoid such risks and feel confident in installing them in public places, such as cafés and conference centers.

P2P data marketplace using the Ethereum technology

This system enables companies to share data on the data marketplace where two parties can buy and sell specific data. The system uses the Ethereum consortium blockchain technology. The data is viewable on the browser; when the buyer finds data they want to purchase, the seller sets the price for the data. The transaction will be carried out by smart contracts.